Trying Two ✌️  Mew Crypto Earning Platforms

Started Uploading Contents on Two New Crypto Earning platform 😎

By UjjwalAditya | My Blog Diary | 2 Oct 2020


Writing 📝 is one of the best ways to make money on Publish0x Sorry the great way to make Cryptocurrency. But since Publish0x is not the first platform so I started searching other platforms.


And Yes, I found some platforms like Steemit,


But the shocking news is I have accounts on these platforms that means I am an old user🤔? 

Yes, this is true but I didn't upload any content there. Ok now in my free time I started searching my mail to find when I created my account on each platform and I am searching. 


So I decided to review each platform in my upcoming post and publish them on CoinMantra as well as Publish0x. 


So I need to try them so I choose Two platforms and 


Both are different platforms having their pro and cons 


So if you're interested to join me there 

Then feel free to use my referral link 🔗 and earn some bucks 💲 


Lbry TV link$/invite/@CoinMantra:1 link 🔗


Note:- if You join then you will earn LBC TOKEN and if you join Read. cash then you will get Bitcoin cash😎 

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My Blog Diary
My Blog Diary

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