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How To Setup your $BCH Wallet on Noise.Cash

How To Setup Your Online $BCH Wallet in your account

By UjjwalAditya | My Blog Diary | 18 Sep 2021


Noise.Cash :- The Short blog publishing platform like Twitter but rewarding its user with $BCH or Bitcoin Cash. So if you want to earn $BCH then create your account on Noise.Cash



Sorry, If you're here for Noise.Cash review because in this article I will only share the tutorial on how to set up your online Bitcoin Cash Wallet on but I will share the review as soon as possible :) 


How To Setup Your Online $BCH aka Bitcoin Cash Wallet on ?


Recent Update of the platform has enabled in Platform $BCH wallet and Before this update, People can add any $BCH wallet address to receive their $BCH earning or QR tips. But after this update, you can send $BCH Tips to any other user using Scanning QR code or online wallet. 


Ok, follow these simple steps  to enable your $BCH wallet :)


log in or Signup on

NoiseCash signup or Login button


Now Go To the Setting Page of Your Profile 

Setting page of Noise.Cash

If you're using Brave Browser like me then please disable Brave Shield so you can proceed to the next step. Disable Brave Shield to access Online Wallet


I hope You know how to disable/ enable Brave Shield . and if you don't know how how to do. 

Click on the Lion icon and slide the toggle button to Enable and Disable the Brave shield. When the shield is off  / Down the Colour of the lion will change from orange to black.

Disable Brave Shield


After disable /Down/ off your Brave Shield, Now you can import your Bitcoin Cash wallet.  So now Click on Import Your Bitcoin Cash Wallet Button and import your wallet by adding Secret Phrase.


Import your $Bitcoin Cash wallet


I hope you have Imported Your $BCH wallet and if you're using any Centralize Platform to Receive your Bitcoin Cash like me ( I am using Celsius to generate interest on my money too ) then You don't have access to the Secret Phrase of your wallet.  


Import your $Bitcoin Cash wallet


So now Click on the Cancel button and now you have two options first create a wallet and another Import backup ( If you have access to your seed phrases then go with the import option ). Since I don't have access to my seed phrase so I am going to create a new wallet option.2954068881133f7a5dc46ddd7e360ab782caadf27ef362d8f30188ed0054ef26.png


When you click on Create wallet Button then you will receive this notification Read it. the most Import thing is to save your Seed phrase, So you Can access this wallet whenever you want and where you want. This wallet is only available on your browser, So if you log in to using another web browser then you need to import your wallet with the secret Phrases.

notification of creating a bitcoin Cash wallet                                So it's Your  $BCH wallet 's Back up time


So Finally I set up my $BCH wallet. It's not hard.

My Bitcoin Cash Wallet


So This is my Bitcoin Cash wallet address and I am sharing it with you, Why? So You Can Send Some $BCH 😋

Nah, I am Kidding :) 


Final Step, Import your Bitcoin Cash wallet With the help of the seed phrase ( That We Created in the above Steps ). 



After Importing your wallet Now you have two options, First To add funds and Second Pay Button to pay someone.

Pay or Deposit $BCH here



So now it's Your turn Compare 3rd pic with the Last pic. You can see My online wallet is successfully connected!

Compare Your wallet with my wallet

Note:-  Import your $BCH wallet to your wallet, so you can track your $BCH Transaction. 

You will also receive your $BCH address change notification :)


I hope you learn something extra with my work if yes then please share your feedback in the Comment Section :) 


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