How Korean shows Are Killing internet
How Korean Shows are Killing internet

How Korean shows Are Killing internet

By UjjwalAditya | My Blog Diary | 24 Oct 2021

Squid Game | Netflix Official Site

If you haven't watched Squid Games then I am also just like you I also haven't watched it yet And if you have already watched it then why do you fear of spoilers?

Squid Games is a Korean show Uploaded on Netflix, It became so popular that this show alone helped the shares of Netflix to rise which were about to fall.

Then one question popped up in my mind How can a Korean show gain popularity in a jiffy? And this show is not alone 'Crash Landing on you' which is also a show on Netflix trended the same way Korean shows, nowadays are very popular Korean songs have a Separate industry and craze, You must have observed that the Korean movie Parasite own the Oscar Prize Recently .

So a question arose in my mind that Why these Korean dramas are getting so popular? To get the answer I watched some dramas And also listen to people's opinion on this on the internet and Whatever Knowledge I gained, I am putting that before you.




A special thing which I get to know in the Korean dramas Is that their theme which is very relatable. Mostly the theme of these dramas are knitted around family, love, personal identity, and insecurities. A story that is relatable to everyone.


Simplicity is their utmost priority , So if they are showing any relation with the family or love then nothing would be exaggerated. Like in India the story is taken to Switzerland from Mumbai's Slums after a song. It is not like that More Emphasize is given to simplicity and that's why the Served Content is very relatable And many times, even you too, people use to find themselves in the stories. Any person use to fit him/herself in a story of 2 Characters. Although you may feel by watching Korean shows that they have different cultures, different people, and different places But you would definitely fit yourself in the story. Whether in the flesh or Emotional Connection is a very good code for dramas and shows which has been cracked by Koreans And is even their USP which stands for Unique Selling Point.



Plots and the Twists

The second thing is, the plots and the twists involved in the Korean Shows or Dramas are very well written. Most of the stories which you watch, which involves simplicity can get boring after some time. If any Korean show gets boring, then suddenly it has a twist or a change of plot which keeps you intact with the show. So from one side, these dramas seem to be very Plain or Straightforward but they grab your attention with the twists and turns from the other side.


Sound Tracks

The third thing is the soundtracks, Many of us know that the language of music is universal. One doesn't need the know the language of conversation by listening to the music and who understands this better than the K-Pop Industry. They have rocked the whole world. So there is K-Pop on one side and K-Dramas on the other And the music which they add to their shows is very fascinating. By listening to which you even find yourself in that environment. And this music is their plus point which is generally missed by many But the people who listen and feel this music connects more with the show.


Korean Culture

The fourth point is, the Korean culture shown in the K-dramas is so nicely amalgamated that you enjoy it a lot. Now look when you watch cinema, movies or shows of any different origin then you definitely want to know about their culture, etc In Bollywood, everyone wants to be as in Hollywood, our movies are framed like those in Hollywood and everyone tries to copy the western culture So that we also get the acceptance. But this is totally contrasting in the K-Dramas. They proudly show you their culture . They are like, look this is our culture and you won't find it elsewhere and this is the thing due to which people watch K-Dramas repeatedly And also are in love with the shows.


Emotions On The Screen

The Fifth and last point is to show the emotions on the screen.

To portray emotions like happiness, sadness, love, romance, suspense on the screen is not everyone's cup of tea. There are a few selected actors who can do all this beautifully. But in Korea whole industry has this capability. It doesn't look exaggerated when they cry Their happiness looks natural, Romance on the screen looks like a real love story, And this thing is missing in both Hollywood and Bollywood. You may find a movie or two which have done well in this perspective. But in the K-dramas, the portrayal of all emotions looks so realistic that you will feel that everything is in front of you. And this story is based on true incidents So these were some of my points on the popularity of K-Dramas. Why are they so popular? What is special about them? I am sure many K-Dramas lovers must be reading this article. So, head to the comment section quickly and write about the points which you feel are interesting in the K-Dramas. And share this article among your friends.


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