Best NFT Blockchain Games with Bright Future


There are several games that allow players to get NFTs through game-play and can be traded and sold in the game market. These games are free to play but also offer in-game market place where players can get & spend real money. If you are lucky then these NFTs value might reach in hundreds & thousands of dollars. There are several popular NFTs card battle games that you may enjoy.


Alien Worlds - Alien Worlds is a decentralized, blockchain-based gaming platform on Wax and Binance. In this game players mine TLM token and collect NFTs on binance blockchain. On Dappradar this game is on No.1 in game section. If you ask me about it, game progress is very slow and is still in development mode. If you are fan of free to play games then it must be your no.1 choice.


Splinterlands - This is a collectible card game on Hive blockchain. This game is not free to play as it needs 10$ initial investment to start this game. In the game, players collect and trade digital cards and different items in market place. Overall game economy is very strong and players can find many earning opportunities. In Splinterlands, players can earn NFT cards by participating in battles and tournaments. I recommend this game strongly as if players invest some money and build some decent deck to play. On Dappradar this game is on No.2 in game section.


Axie Infinity - This game is also not free to play and entry point of this game is very high. In this game players can collect, breed, and battle with creatures called Axies. To start this game you need 3 axies which can be purchased from game market. These Axies are represented by NFTs and game is built on the Ronin Network on Ethereum. On Dappradar this game is on No.11 in game section.


Gods Unchained - This is also a free to play game and highly recommended by me. It is built on Ethereum network. Players get free NFTs and also god token in return while playing this game. This is a popular e-sport game. Players can collect and trade NFTs cards on market. On Dappradar this game is on No.35 in game section. If you love strategy like games then this a game for you.


Prospectors - This is also one of my favorite games built on wax and eos blockchain. This game is also free to play game and players earn PGL token free by doing transport and mining jobs on other players' plots. Ultimate goal in this game is to get gold which is in game token and plot resource. This game reminds us 19th century Gold Rush. I have been playing this game for many months and I am very happy to see the detail work and smooth game-play. On Dappradar this game is on No.20 in game section.


These are few recommended NFT card games and are fully developed just Alien Worlds is slow and is still in working phase. Hope this article is helpful to many new players.

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