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By Nuneron | Best Crypto sites | 9 Mar 2022

Hello to all readers,

As a newcomer, it wasn't easy making my first steps into the cryptocurrency world. Already the jump from physical to virtual currency was not a simple one, but then I remembered all currency is really virtual currency since we don't have the gold to back any of the big Fiat currencies. So why shouldn't I have more faith in cryptocurrency. Second problem I had was, having little to no knowledge of the exchange markets, it was difficult to understand graphs and make sense of all the information it contains. And lastly, what to buy, there are so many different crypto coins that its really hard to know what to buy. 

In this review i will be looking at some exchanges where you can buy, hold and sell crypto, such as Coinbase, Kraken and, and advise you on their advantages and disadvantages for newcomers like myself. I might have waisted less money if I had seen this article when I started invested. I will include my referral links in case someone wants to join one of the markets.

First of all, know that all exchanges have fees, either obvious or hidden, it will be there. Second, exchanges trade in pairs, when you don't see them its because its a fixed trading pair, to the Dollar or to the Euro for example, this means you'll be buying or selling your crypto assets for Dollars or Euros only, otherwise you will see the various options of trading pairs, in this case you can buy and sell your crypto assets for other crypto as well as Fiat currency, depending on what pairs the exchange offers. And lastly, they all have a mobile app option but their websites tend to have more options then the app. And don't forget that lot of research is required before diving safely into this brave new world. So, do your own research too.



ref:  join using my referral and we'll both get 10 Dollars in Bitcoin when you top up 100 Dollars

Coinbase is one of the biggest trade markets out the, its US based and its a fixed pair trading exchange. It offers a huge amount of tradable assets and it even allows you to hold assets they don't trade, you might wonder what use you could have for this but if, like me, you earn from games and apps you might want to get it all paid to the same exchange. Coinbase present two other big advantages to newcomers to crypto. First, it is very easy to use and to understand all the information it give you. Second, Coinbase have a learn and earn program where you can earn some crypto by answering a super easy quiz, I've received over 20 Dollars from it.

Big downside to Coinbase is that they don't offer any staking or passive earning possibilities except for Dai coin.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who believes in the future of crypto and is getting in it to hold it. But newcomers to trading will really like it.




Kraken is also a big and popular US based trade market. Its a fixed pair trading market that offers a considerable amount of assets to chose from. It also has very good staking options for a number of coins. Its easy on the eye and it gives you quite a bit of information on each coin in a simple and understandable manner. In my opinion its one of the best exchanges out there but the app does have one big down side in that you can't access your staking on it, you must use the browser version for that and its not really adapted to android devices.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend Kraken both for newcomers and for experienced traders, specially considering they have a pro version with better graphs and even more info. 



ref:  join using my referral and we'll both get 25 Dollars in Bitcoin (at the moment) when you top up 100 Dollars is also one of my favorite trade markets. Its also a fixed pair trading exchange, in Dollars, Although Nexo is smaller than Binance or Coinbase and it offers a lot less coins to trade, it has very good security and very considerable insurance covering any theft that might occur. It also offers a very good flexible staking program where you earn up to 6% on your Bitcoin and up to 20% on specific big coins or promotions it offers. When i joined Nexo I got 20% on Matic and 18 on Avax, its a little less now but still worth it. In order to get these ratings you must be a platinum member and for that you must possess 10% of your assets in the Nexo native token. They are also vey easy to use and look at and they offer you direct access to news articles from different crypto news outlets.

The only negative i can find here is really that Nexo needs to add more coins, but I am sure that will happen in time


To finalize, just wanted to remind you to do your own research too before investing money in anything, remember to read general conditions and contract terms, verify the trading fees you'll have to pay and make sure you trust the site/app your using.

Thanks for reading



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Hi I'm just another huge fan of crypto. Hoping to transmit my knowledge so that it might help others enter the world of crypto :)

Best Crypto sites
Best Crypto sites

Its a detailed account of my crypto experiences with trade markets. I am merely expressing my opinion based on my personal experience, in the hope this might help others. Of course, everyone is able to come and share their own related experiences :)

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