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Best Crypto Casinos

By Nuneron | Best Crypto sites | 5 Feb 2024


Hello people,


Today I will be talking about my experience with some of the online crypto casinos.

Its been a little over two years now that I got interested in crypto currencies and everything surrounding them. But I only tried crypto casinos quite recently. I've always been a fan of poker and blackjack and thought it was about time to join both passions, so when i fell upon an add on CoinPayU for Coinsgame, I thought it was time to try.


I deposited 150 Matic to try it out and started exploring what games they had. I quickly realized that to get my welcome bonuses I would have to gamble quite a huge amount on slut machines, which I wasn't a fan of until now. 

In a huge strike of luck I won 2000$ betting 0,80$ on The Book of Truth from TrueLab, and then again 800$ a week later on the same game.

Obviously I withdrew half of it to my crypto wallet and kept the rest to gamble some more and to try other online casinos. Probably shouldn't have done that as I lost most of the rest already but I did get to try 3 other casinos, BetFury, BCGame and WinTomato.

I really didn't like WinTomato or BCGame, so don't waist your time on them. BetFury was ok, interesting features like high rates crypto staking and the bitcoin boxes that give you 44 sats every hour. But I had some issues with them in the last couple of weeks with the blackjack tables, I was unable to play but they couldn't figure out why.


Coinsgame seems to be the better one of them, even if the features there are less enticing then BetFury.

All that remains now is for me to decide if I try a new casino or if I just go back to Coinsgame and hope for more wins ;)

Don't hesitate to let me know what you think

Here's my referral link if you wanna try Coinsgame

Thanks for reading


Until next time

Take care




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Best Crypto sites
Best Crypto sites

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