Lentils with Chorizo

By pitabone | My best cooking | 25 Jan 2021

Today I show you this lentil recipe, a very good and very complete legume, ideal for the children of the house. Tell you first of all that there are several types of lentil, some thinner, some fat and others more medium, and also of different varieties, depending on which one you choose should be soaked from the night before.



An onion
A garlic cinge
A carrot
A green pepper
Two tomatoes
A spoonful of sweet paprika
A teaspoon of cumin coffee
Get out to taste
1 Potato
One small chorizo per person



In a frying pan or pot, put a splash of olive oil to heat. I used the same pot to make the sofrito. Chop the onion and garlic and brown it.

Chop the pepper and add it. Peel and chop the carrot and add it to the sofrito.

When we see that the vegetable is peeling, chop the tomato and add it. We poured some salt on the sofrito. When the tomato is almost gone, pour all the vegetables into the blender glass and crush. 

Let's pour in the pot the crushed vegetables, lentils, bay leaf, chorizos, potatoes, paprika spoonful, half a teaspoon of cumin and cover with water.

We covered about two fingers over the lentils. 

We close our pot quickly.

When the steam starts to release, we count about 12 to 15 minutes and turn off. We tried in case we had to rectify salt or in case I needed a few more minutes. All right, we've got the finished chorizo lentils.

If you use conventional pot it is about 30 to 35 minutes approximately and if you use express pot it is about 25 minutes. 


Chorizos are usually cut to serve in slices of about 1/4.

Enjoy them. 

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