No one talks about #fantom ... Maybe it is indeed a Phantom of the crypto space ...


It seems like no one ever mentioned Fantom (FTM) and the fact that only in 24 hours, it bounced 50% and in a week, 290% ...

Maybe, FTM is a phantom within the crypto space ... who knows ...

It's interesting how some #tokens and #coins are sometimes, like ninja warriors, sneaking in such a mode that no one can sense it, until the the fomo-ing enters the space of every soul who, in most of the cases is a temple that shakes very easy when it comes to follow the crowd ...

Maybe this time, despite the fact that wallet investor platform says that FTM it's an acceptable investment, people will might start to understand and accept the inevitable future, through which this entire #blockchain will play a totally different role.

Let's wait and see ...

As i've realized, some of these tokens or coins, sometimes are playing their charts and paths in a silence way, and by the time, you wanted to check them and enter their space, like i've mentioned above, they've already jumped like a ninja warrior :) 

Hopefully, some of you will check this crypto asset, which in my humble opinion, will be a big game changer within the matrix of this crypto space.


The #fantom #ftm chain was intended to solve the eternal story of the scalability limitations of the existing blockchain with the help of Lachesis protocol and this is intended to be achieved by adopting the brilliant method, where a single event block will verify the previous transactions, and transactions will be verified and processed without being approved by the miners as in prior blockchains.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day and while you'll do this ... 

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My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

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