Exciting changes inside #crypto space, especially on these awesome platforms for #blogging

Today i've found out that #exodus will release their ICO but in different manner than the old protocols.

Through a kyc protocol, you are able to apply for this big event and you can earn an amount of their ico tokens ... 

This way they would like to offer the guarantee to every investor that the oldest way of releasing ico's and after, maybe, vanishing or nothing happening with so many tokens, as we could see in the Past, will be a thing that should never repeat. 

Nice initiative, but already too much kyc, in a world temptational for so many, as being de-centralized, when in fact, it will happen'the exact opposite ...

On the other hand here's another cool announcement, but this time related to

The other day, i've seen an interview inside the platform announcing the migration of #blurt to the #cosmos #blockchain ... which in my opinion sounds awesome. 

Now, let's see if there will be an option to earn not only #blurt but also #cosmos through the writing protocol inside this platform ... Maybe the entire world of wiritng #blogs will change and expand sooner than we've expect ...

Hope you all are having an awesome weekend.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of my music:

Our EP album named Expansion:

Also, i've been reading about some speculative analysis on #btc which might lead us to a possible price between 200K and 300K till the end of this year ... but who cares ... 


Let's keep creating through our crafts and our #blogs 



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My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

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