Encrypted artistic thoughts - Future of art withing the cryptonian matrix ...


Hi everyone, 

I've thought today that the very best way for an artist is just to create and through this process you don't need to look left or right, comparing to which way or which platform you should present your #artworks ... 

Simply, just create and share it no matter what ... Soon or later people will discover your music, or your #artworks in matter of sculpting, painting, drawing, composing music ... 

Soon or later even those platforms who are dedicated 100 % only to #crypto space will start to understand the importance of #art within the cryptonian space ...

Maybe, even here on #publish0x for the sake of a better #art spectrum the appearance of the #nft concept would be inevitable or at least a must thing, since this will be somehow the new future plan in matter of new inventions for a better world of artists ...

Hope you'll keep enjoying my #music through my webpage

or strictly direct to my music pages:

I will continue creating through my music, lego and through my new passion of creating #nft sketches :)


Hope you all are good and will continue supporting my #artworks ... 

Much appreciated people from this #crypto space ... 

Meanwhile, i'll just leave you to enjoy this illusionary show of this bull-run ... no more words, but be careful for the next moves and don't get panicked :) 


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My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

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