Day 1

Hey people, my name is Trey and I’m a 40 year old manager of a Chick-fil-A here in Denver Colorado. I started using the Acorns app about 5 years ago when I came across it on a social media site. See, I’d been playing around with investing but I just kept losing my money from weak-handed selling.

I wanted to continue investing but knew there had to be a better (more hands off) approach. I started my journey with just the $5 sign up bonus and a few roundups that had accumulated from my recent purchases. I must admit, I was hesitant at first..I mean, how much could I possibly make from an app? Let’s find out. 🔻

After using the app for a few days and seeing how well it was doing I decided to make a larger deposit. A deposit of about $500! To me, that was a pretty good amount of money being on a fast food salary. I started to realize the more money I put in the more I could make in a day. I started to challenge myself with daily deposits and set goals of how much I wanted in the form of gains. Then I found out about dividends and it was like icing on the cake! You mean to tell me I could buy stocks with spare change, make gains on those stocks AND they would pay me every 3 months for not selling! I’m all in!!

Thats all I’m going to give you for today (leave you wanting more 🤪) but I’ll post on here tomorrow and share my dividends with you! 

Til tomorrow, Trey

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My Acorns Portfolio
My Acorns Portfolio

💡This will be the the journey (and updates) of my acorns portfolio!

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