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HUGE! Wanchain Is Launching an STO Platform to Conclude an Incredible Month at Wanchain!

25 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ZooEcosystem

There's a lot going on at Wanchain right now, the most advanced interoperability project in the crypto space. Indeed, Wanchain has already integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, USDT and a large number of ERC-20 tokens into its network. Wanchain also lau...

French-Interopérabilité Blockchain: Wanchain Sera-t-il L'Internet des Blockchains?

6 May 2020 17 minute read 4 comments ZooEcosystem

L’interopérabilité blockchain, un terme qui sera, sans aucun doute, sur toutes les lèvres à l’avenir. Dans cet article, on va expliquer pourquoi l’interopérabilité est indispensable au futur de la Blockchain. Ensuite, on va parler en détails des prin...

Blockchain Interoperability: Is Wanchain The Internet of Blockchains?

6 May 2020 14 minute read 10 comments ZooEcosystem

Blockchain interoperability, a topic that is increasingly becoming more relevant and important. In this article, I will explain why interoperability is essential for Blockchain technology. We will then go deeper into details about the main projects t...

Cryptocurrency Investor? When You Notice These 5 Signs, You Should Sell!

2 May 2020 1 minute read 3 comments ZooEcosystem

Strategies used by cryptocurrency hodlers tend to differ from a person to another, however, they all fall under two main categories. The first category is represented by traders who prefer trading, whether it's day trading or swing trading. They are...