When is the Best Time to use Publish0x?
Investigating something... who knows what?

When is the Best Time to use Publish0x?

Welcome to the first installment of 'Musings of Random Thoughts'! This blog will take a slightly different twist.  I can't guarantee any sort of structure to these posts, and they won't be a part of a series.  Rather, if something interesting comes to mind that I want the world's opinion on, it'll end up here!

Amidst the news that India is considering banning cryptocurrency - as the crypto markets are cooling off and backing away from some recent all time highs, I got to thinking

Is there an optimal time to use Publish0x?

To be quite honest, since this platform rewards users with cryptocurrency, any interactions you have with this platform right now are an excellent use of your time.  Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy of global adoption - we are still early adopters. Even if you look at a recent survey / article trying to see who exactly uses cryptocurrencies, not a single country in this survey had over 50% of the respondents as one who used or owned cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency is still a phenomenon, but it is rapidly becoming mainstream.  You early adopters have taken the plunge and you're here on Publish0x, earning cryptocurrency for your thoughts.  The best time to get into cryptocurrency is always yesterday.

But, back to the original question, is there a better day to use Publish0x than other days?  I would say yes!  Right now, as the markets are down - the Publish0x platform grows in value.  Sure, every tip is always ~1 penny, but the important thing to remember is that this penny is at market value for a given coin.  This means that on days that the market drops, your time investment into a platform such as Publish0x is actually worth more. These are the days you should re-double your efforts to interact with platforms that reward you in crypto - that same crypto we are all hoping goes full mainstream, that takes off to the moon! 🚀🌕 

If cryptocurrency is an asset class you believe in long-term, then when the market is down and there are buying opportunities to be had, it's important to capitalize however you can.  For me, that means I'll be sure to make use of my tipping power on Publish0x over these next few days, because a penny saved is a penny earned, and, a penny invested in BTC in the beginning... would be worth over $12,000 (USD) today.

So, as a final thought - if I've stuck a chord with you, especially if the markets are down - take a penny, leave a penny (you know, that tip button 👇), save that ETH penny for a rainy day.  Who knows how high it will grow!

* As a friendly reminder, this blog is not financial advice, these opinions are my own.  When it comes to investing, do your own research, and come to your own conclusions.  Thanks for your time!


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I am a software engineer by trade, with 7 years of experience in the industry. I have a Master's degree in the field as well. I love all things technology, from smart home things, to cryptocurrency. If there is code, you will find me there!

Musings of Random Thoughts
Musings of Random Thoughts

This is a general purpose blog, call it a utility blog, for posts that don't fit in with my other topics. You never know what you're going to get here!

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