Fughetta for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Bass Guitar in G "Genus Chromaticum" [Philip Daniel; 2017]

By PhilipDaniel | Musica Melopoetica | 31 Oct 2020



A four-voice fughetta in the G "Genus Chromaticum" mode. This mode, the third mode of Messiaen's 3ʳᵈ Mode of Limited Transposition, is also known as the Messiaen 3ʳᵈ Mode Inverse or the Tcherepnin Scale, and consists of the following intervals in its ascending form: semitone, tone, semitone, semitone, tone, semitone, semitone, tone, semitone. Such a wayward series of pitches results in craggy counterpoint and unusually dissonant harmonic progressions. 



Here you will find the full engraved score of the fughetta:






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I am a young composer working in a highly personal Late Romantic idiom.

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