"Canone cromatico primo" [Philip Daniel; 2018]

"Canone cromatico primo" [Philip Daniel; 2018]

By PhilipDaniel | Musica Melopoetica | 25 Oct 2020


First in a series of "chromatic" canons, A two-voice canon by inversion at the fourth (or eleventh) on a chromatic subject that could almost pass for a twelve-tone row. The Lutheran hymn "Jesu, meine Freude" intrudes at 2:27. Though the piece prescribes no particular instrumentation, this rendering involves a pipe organ using a reed stop mixture. Note that there are passages where the imitative polyphony gives way to freer (though sequential) counterpoint, as well as two passages where the texture "thickens vertically" (i.e., where a "homophobic" chordal aspect partially prevails in the midst of the generally linear conception). Observe, too, that in the score (posted below) the appearance of the aforementioned hymn tune is isolated from the rest of the page through "mirrored" notehead notation.



Here is the full engraved score:

fig. I

fig. II

fig. III

fig. IV

fig. V





The painting in the video is "Souls on the Banks of the Acheron" by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl.



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