Mushroom in monochrome

By yetaras | Mushrooms | 15 Sep 2019

I do not know if you will notice this, because these spider webs are very thin, but the spider has partially attached its spider web to this fungus! This is so interesting, though I don't like the cobwebs in the woods too much when I go for mushrooms, especially the cobwebs that are at the height of my face that I can't see in the mid-twilight of the forest, after this the cobwebs, sometimes with the spider, to be to my face. This is not too pleasant, as a result of which the ancient forest can hear a few strong words from me. But in general, it's a trifle when you can get great mushroom photos! 

I would also like to add that I took these photos with the old manual lens Helios 44-2 , this is the not best choice for documentary photos, but you can get great bokeh with this lens. And the photos obtained with it are beautifully converted to black and white, in particular as this photo.


Photo taken by me with the camera Olympus PEN EPL-7 with manual lens Helios 44-2.

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Photos of mushrooms growing in Ukraine

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