Fomitopsis betulina

By yetaras | Mushrooms | 6 Sep 2019

Last weekend, I was with friends in a mushroom hike. I will not tell you exactly where we were (I will only say that was exactly in Ukraine 😄), because it is not my secret😎 . But I can share with you my impressions. This time we did not find many mushrooms, if we consider our prey by the number of mushrooms, our hike can be called a failure. However, for me as a naturalistic amateur photographer and not a mycologist at all, this journey proved to be extremely interesting. I made many photos of mushrooms that I didn't put in my basket, but which are definitely worth a look. For example, this birch musfroom. I saw it on a broken birch trunk lying on the ground. Fomitopsis betulina parasitize on the birch trees, destroying the structure of the wood, causing tree trunks to become brittle and to be destroyed even by not strong wind. But these mushrooms are always really fun to photograph, which I do with great pleasure! 





Photos taken by me with the camera Olympus PEN EPL-7 with manual lens Helios 44-2

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I like to take pictures and am interested in cryptocurrencies. Here I am able to combine these two of my hobbies!


Photos of mushrooms growing in Ukraine

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