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By yetaras | Mushrooms | 11 Sep 2019

I brought my camera with me today because I must to take some pictures in Lviv (if someone doesn't know or forgot, I live outside the city). Since I do not have my own car, I go to the city by bus. So I ended up at a bus stop with a camera. It was a bright sunny day, the beauty of the open space captured me, so I pulled my camera out of my backpack and took some photo. I was able to take pictures of the beautiful landscapes near the bus stop, and as I walked past the private house where the pines were growing, I saw this mushroom that had just grown. He was very well seen from afar as he grew up on the lawn near the brick wall that enclosed the house. This mushroom looked very nice with the pieces of the earth on its cap, so I photographed it from different directions. Now I want to share these photos with you, friends. Enjoy!





These photos were taken by me with camera Olympus PEN E-PL7, lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm.

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Photos of mushrooms growing in Ukraine

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