Farming PancakeSwap $CAKE for 1 month! (Day #4)

Farming PancakeSwap $CAKE for 1 month! (Day #4)

This is Day 4 for the Farming PancakeSwap $CAKE for 1 month!’ challenge click here to read days 1, 2 & 3.

Day 1 -

Day 2-

Day 3-

Let's get into it.

Day 4

Screenshot taken at 2:38 am (UK Time) As we can see the total yield in cake is 0.091421 $CAKE which is around $1.38. The current cake price on CMC is $15.17. Posting an update tomorrow for Day 5.


Total Yield: $1.38

Thank you for reading my post! Stay strong and don't give up 💪


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