Farming PancakeSwap $CAKE for 1 month! (Day #1)

By Muscle Crypto | Muscle Crypto | 28 Jul 2021

Hey everyone, this will be my first post on Publish0x, just wanna say thank you for reading this and I hope this helps. I'm using Beefy.Finance which is a Multichain Yield Optimizer. Yield Optimizers auto-compound AND auto-harvest for you saving you money in gas fees spent, they are really profitable and you should try it. If you can't, don’t worry I will be making a few posts soon on Multichain Yield Optimizers, and farming etc.


$CAKE Auto Pool

$CAKE AUTO is a syrup pool on PancakeSwap which harvests and then automatically stakes / compounds your cake for you, basically like a yield optimizer. This pool has since been removed from Beefy as Beefy.Finance already auto-harvests and auto stakes / compounds in every pool, so there was no need for it. 


I will be using the single asset $CAKE farm on Beefy.Finance. My initial deposit was 13.758 $CAKE and the APY was 99.66% (0.19% daily). I do know that the interest rates fluctuate somewhat so I will keep that in mind. At these stats im estimated to earn roughly 0.0261402 $CAKE per day which at today's price of £10.31 / $14.21 per cake equates to: £0.27 / $0.37*₁

To work out your daily yield (approx.) multiply your daily apy % x your deposit (in either the $ amount of the crypto amount)

E.g 0.19% x 13.758 ($CAKE) = 0.0261402 $CAKE / per day*2

*2 This is all a rough estimate and interest rates do change so keep that in mind.

*₁ Figures are rounded to the nearest ten

Will be including Profit and Loss at the end of the 30 days.

I will be updating this project daily with a new post, and will be adding more news if it's needed.


Day 1

The time when I took this screenshot was 09:54 am roughly a minute or two after depositing my $CAKE. As we can see the total value was $195.44 and the yield was 0.000005 $CAKE


End of Day 1

I'm a bit late as it is now 2am but this screenshot was taken at 2:08 am and we can now see the total value is $199.88 but the yield is 0.15907 $CAKE. See you guys tomorrow.     


Total Yield: $0.23

Thank you for reading my post! Stay strong and don't give up :)

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