Wisdoms that go against the flow

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 25 Aug 2020

IT is a Wisdom, almost all of us have heard, in one set of words or another. I prefer, buy when it is going down, and sell when it is going up(or buy when it is cheap and sell when it is high). Deep inside, we know this to be a truism. Yet, our emotions(including fear and lack of self confidence) will often lead us to do just the Opposite! In order to be truly successful, we sometimes have to do the opposite of our instincts! With the price of Precious Metals and Cryptos, seemingly on a downtrend, we may be tempted to sell. In fact, when we know an asset to be below its true value, we should be uptaking! In most cases, we should not be selling, but looking to acquire these assets! These temporary drops, in prices, are an opportunity to build our financial holdings, not loose them!

I am no financial advisor, but I do enjoy picking up BitCoin, Tezos, and other valuable Cryptos, when the prices are dropping! The same can be said of Precious Metals. Remember, the wise investor knows to diversify and how!

You may already be on top of this. A Blessing for those of us, who are! Sometimes, we all need a little reminder though.

There may those who are speaking of the price drops, in a negative connotation, while we approach with a positive outlook. You often get what you seek! Look for opportunities. Just because the people, in front of your, are jumping off of steep cliffs, does not mean that your should do the same! Pray and think for yourself!!!

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