The Real Reason that Fbook is so desperate to force everyone to upgrade, to their new and improved version.

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 8 Sep 2020

Seeing The Storms of Justice Quickly Approaching, fbook desperately wants to begin destroying as much evidence, as they possibly can. All of the Data, and their processes, that they never thought anyone else would ever find. Now they know that they have compromised themselves! It is now becoming Public Knowledge, as Class Action Suit, after Class Action Suit.......(you get the idea) are being formed and compete to see who can file first. After all, The sooner the suit is officially recorded, The larger each group's share of the final settlement, and/or full litigation. If Serious Criminal Charges can be brought, their efforts at damage control could lead to Quicker Settlements!

Another goal, of their process, is to make it much more difficult, for some, to screen out fbook's Intrusive Operation to track every second of your day. If you think that is science fiction, you are misinformed and uneducated to the Facts. While you can still access the Old Fbook, I suggest that you take several steps, the will benefit you.

1st = switch back to the old interface. 

2nd = Go Into Your Settings and Deny Fbook access to Your Private Data! AT the last point, where I checked the new interface, they have hidden and/or removed Our access, to this menu option. 

3rd = Make a backup of all Your Data(resulting from fbook's Infringements, Affronts, Descriminations, to the best of your ability. If you have the funds available, a Complete Backup of Your System will make an excellent form of documentation! Another good step, Secure your notes, and other documentation, into a safe storage space, separated from you System Backup. 

4th = Get out and search for an appropriate Class Action Group, and get familiar with some of them. Personally, I am more interested in the cases, where fbook knowingly, willingly and with much enthusiasm (, violated  Constitutional Rights and Discriminated against Citizens, who hold Conservative Values! If you are finding it difficult to access related information through the big techs,  I suggest that you seek some reputable and independent sources where this Wave Is Building. Search engines,  Political  Neutral, United States Military, Christian News Sources, etc...

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