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The Great Paradigm Shift!!!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 28 Oct 2021

In this post, I would like to share an invitation to The Great Paradigm Shyft - That we are now taking part of - On a World Wide Basis.

At this point, the most evident trasnformation being the ever increasing Methods of Commerce. The extreme Corruption of The Monitary System, is now reaping the consiquences. In desperate attempts( perhaps the final death throes ) to regain dominence, there even programs which desperatrely seek to Lure in as many victims - that can be blinded by Greed. One example is a call for all fools, to come let them take permanent records - as they continue to violate your helath safety, for the promise of free "World Money" Crypto.  Trusted Public Information and consciousness has now outgrown the naive view where we easily became victims of Economic Slavery. It will now become more and more difficult, for any centralized entity to enslave Individual Freedom!!

All Free Thinking Minds are now aware that we are most likely in the early stages of Hyper-Inflation - as far as the previous financial powers are concerned. Current Economic Commerce has now surpassed the keen, of the former fiat system. For the survivors of those corrupt old payment systems, they will be forced to undergo a Transformation - or become extinct. There are far too many other value systems, that have now become common place and more lucrative. There are vast networks ranging from - exchanges of Rare Collectibles, Precious Metals, Seed, and many other barter markets - all the way through electronic currencies - Especially Cryptocurrency! 

There is still a Very Strong need for physical Coins and Currency, but there may be few Major Players - who will be capable of overcoming the now defunct system, built on the obsession of Control. The surviving Fiat Entities will learn to enhance and promote Individaul Freedoms, and to join partnerships with other Payment Platforms. Once can easily see Much potential, in the combinations of such Cryptos as Doge Coin and SHIB - and certain Fiat Currencies. Instead of a mortal enemies, these financial symbosis could provide powerful tools to Srengthen such Physical Fiat Currencies as The United States Dollar, and other national Fiats. In some ways it would replace the previous method of Oil based value, as the formula becomes more intricate.

Over taxation, Corrupt politicians, Slavery, Attacks upon Individual Freedoms (such as Illegal mandates forcing Individuals to surrender their Personal Well Being and Pursuits of Happiness) will quickly fade into oblivion. The more determined the Corrupted Forces become, in their efforts to enslave Individual Lives, the more Determined and Motivataed the General Public Will Become to Defeat Such Entities. 

Just imagine how many Dollars you would be worth( and hopefully you are) if you had invested $10k in SHIB, when it first became listed on Coinbase? Now, consider how positive that could be for everyone, as you improved your life, paid Your Fare Share of Taxes - and I am not talking about slush funds where corrupted Political figures build themsleves Luxury Appartment Complexes - in attempts to Benefit Their Own Financial Wealth/ as the expense of those they are supposed to Serve.

IF you don't like these facts, don't shoot the messenger. LOL. 

We hare Now Clearly and Completely Involved in is a Great New Economic Paradig Shift, In a World with More Individul Potential( simply grasp the concept of where World Wide Human Population falls on a Graph) than ever before in Recorded History.

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Murchison Farm
Murchison Farm

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