Saving Innocent Lives In The United States!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 1 Apr 2021

This is a copy of an email, I received today. I have heard of this before, but forgotten it. With all of the Evil hanging over people's lives today, I feel led to sare this ray of Hope!

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We are about to enter the month of April, which is Safe Haven Awareness month!

Are you familiar with Safe Haven Laws?

A Safe Haven Law means that if any parent hands over their baby to any of the designated Safe Haven locations within the allotted time for that state, the baby will be assured of safety and loving care.

This way, any parent(s) who feel they are not able to care for their child have a smooth and anonymous option that has nothing to do with abortion.

This resource can save the lives of millions of babies, if only mothers and fathers in desperate circumstances know about it!

The National Safe Have Alliance has compiled all the information one could need.

Check out, save, and share their important website:

Did you know that every state has a Safe Haven Law, with simple specific age and location restrictions unique to each state?

In some states, like Arizona, the time limit for surrendering your baby is short - only 3 days.

But in other states, like North Dakota, you can surrender your baby up to 1 year.

Those interested in adopting a Safe Haven baby can do so by contacting their state Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) to obtain the Safe Haven adoption process.

I encourage you to visit the website above and learn all about this nation-wide resource.

Safe Haven Laws reinforce a fundamental truth: A child is never a burden.

In order to create a world without abortion, we must build a culture that provides practical support for mothers and fathers.

You can join me in raising awareness for this beautiful, truly life-saving resource throughout April by sending the National Safe Haven Alliance website to your friends and family, adopting a Safe Haven, finding your nearest Safe Haven and volunteering there, or distributing these brochures at your local community centers, churches, and libraries.

Together, we can transform our culture to cherish every child, planned and unplanned.

For the preborn,

Lila Rose
Founder and President

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