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Pub0x comes dangerously close to following fbooks example, of suppressing posts based on Liberal/Socialist/Communist Input!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 27 Jan 2021

This Post was banned because it was reported as inciting Violence. There were 2 short sentences where I suggested that United States Patriots take action for Self Defense. In order to overcome this weak excuse, for removing my post, I simply deleted those sentences. That excuse no longer has any merit what so ever.



By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 26 Jan 2021




On Public T.V., as he was being interviewed, Chuck Schumer Threatened and Confirmed that the Corrupt Parties, in the FBI, are under orders to Persecute and Pursue United States Patriots! They are using a branch of The United States Government in an Unlawful and Criminal move to attack All Patriots who have opposed their Criminal take over of Our Government, through their Fraudulent, Criminal, Unethical, Voting Fraud Campaign. He Says that They Are Coming For Us!

What are you going to do when they come for you and your neighbors??? Not only is there a Clear and Present Danger to Our Constitution, The Socialist/Communist/Democrats are now Publicly declaring Their Threats against United States Citizens! 

I don't know what Channel, or Who the Host giving him the interview was, my Elderly Mother became Frightened and changed the channel! She is so shaken that she can't remember which channel it was, and his speech must be over now. I could not find the channel either.

I do Know What I heard! It was clear and Hateful Rhetoric, in the form of open threats, against All who Opposed and Oppose their Criminal Coup! He used language that painted Us as animals, in an effort to dehumanize their targets! If this isn't a wake up call, for You, then the FBI coming in the night, to seize You, Your Family, and All You Own, Will Certainly Be! 

Someone has shared a link, with me, that includes the very beginning of his Hate Filled Rhetoric. You can easily get an idea of where he was heading with his Call for action against supporters of President Trump, and President Trump Himself. I am not sure, at this point, if there is a link to his full tirade, or if there is now a full fledged cover up. Until I access a link to the entire Hitler like Speech, here is the very beginning - before it is cut off with advertisement.


I urge All Patriots to seek and document the Full Hitler Like Speech of Hatred, if you can locate it! No Doubt there is a full-fledged effort to cover up the Major Blunder, by now.

Wake Up America!!!!

This was a blunder, i am sure they will try to do damage control to hide this interview. If you were able to document his speech, please make sure you retain you documentation! Keep all recorded Audio and Video. Protect yourselves, but share it where ever you safely can! Everyone Needs to Hear His Hate Filled Speech!

If for some reason the Liberal Socialist/Communist Far Left are able to influence Publish0x to ban this post, please stand with me and address the issue with Pub0x. There is no way that they can legitimately claim that I am promoting violence!  

I am sure though, that this post will motivate our enemies to complain and seek to have it removed! 


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Murchison Farm
Murchison Farm

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