Our Prayer!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 19 Sep 2020

We come before You Lord God, on this day Your Holy Sabbath! We are careful to give You all Praise, Honor, and Glory! We Repent of Our Sins and Trespasses! We Repent of the Evil Sin and Abominations we have allowed to flourish in Our Great Nation! We turn from the wholesale Slaughter of Unborn Innocent Lives, the Open acceptance of Homosexuality, and all of the evil practices we have allowed to creep into our society! We ask that your Restore Our Great Nation and make it again that which You would have us to be!   We Praise You, as You continue to remove the Wicked and Evil from the High Places of Our Government!   Jesus Christ, Our Mighty Savior, Friend, Lord, and King, we come before you asking that Your Holy Spirit Move Mightily upon Our Hearts, Minds, and Souls! Grant Us Conviction and Redemption in Your Holy Name!   Grant us the leadership, will, determination, and power to oppose the Evil and Wicked that would Destroy Us and Our Nation!   Lord Let Your Will Be Done!   Amen!  

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