Let's talk Crypto, Gold, Silver, and Platinum

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 3 Jul 2019

I am writing this on Tuesday night. At the current time gold is priced at exactly $1426 per ounce. Silver at 15.32! If Crypto currency dissapears and papermoney is as good as the heat it give to warm a cold hand, Gold and Silver Coins can Buy Food, Amunition, Guns, Medicine, Clothing, and the list just keeps going on and on!

Oh Yea! The first initial financial tremmors are vibrating throughout the general public! It was obvious in many ways Today! My only regret is that I didn't pump a few hundred into BitCoin on my last purchase! I could take a hefty profit this very moment! Or I could retreive my investment, place it in XRP, and Pretty Much be riding on High Prob. Mega bucks as easily as this time next year, year after next on the outside! With a 30% divergent investment ratio into Precious Metals! Prety Much a Win Win, as long as you walk in the Lord's Will! We Lord What You Say We Are!

As I write this, BitCoin has made a Hefty Recovery from the $9ks into $11k+ from my last buy! My only regret is not having more capital to invest right now! If there were to be a deal struck between BitCoin and Amazon Prime, there would be no turning back! $20k cheap BitCoin would be a thing of the past. It's time would be gone. BitCoin could well reach 4 to 500k by next year or certainly year after next, Lord willing we are all still here!

Save aluminum, at some point it will becom a resource of higher demand( thus value), as we build our initial space mining platforms out of it and recycled plastics! Until we get returns from our space mining rigs, aluminum will continue to rise in value as recycled plastics are filtered out of the equation, unless necessary.

Right now, Precious Metals are a great Partner for Crypto!

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