Everybody Hears IT - But Do You Practice IT?

Everybody Hears IT - But Do You Practice IT?

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 24 Feb 2021

Sell the Highs, Buy the Lows!

How many times have you heard that? Do You make attempts to do so, or are you simply unable to rise above your fear of it. Yes, it can be a overwhelming and a somewhat intimidating plan to put into action. Speaking from personal experience, conversations, and varied other forms of research, and the Key being - prayer for discernment, I have come to realize how to find a home in there.

Completely different than before -

I do not put much thought into it. I don't try to analyze it, I feel that i am being led to it. I am satisfied, without trying to maximize the profits - only to find that I am blessed with it! May times, i get very close to perfect timing, but to date, I have not been very far off from Max. For example, I converted some of my Cointiply Asset Reserves, into BitCoin today, when it had dropped down into the $53k range today. I did not even consider if it was the bottom, or not. I was in tune to the fact that it was an extremely Attractive Price. Just a little common sense alone, strongly suggest that BitCoin is only going to rise in value, for the foreseeable future. Every day, i become more and more convinced that BitCoin will most likely be around $100k by the end of this year. As more and more people have to face the reality of runaway inflation, cause namely by the far left controlled politicians and the Treasuries of most Nations. The World's Economy has been flooded and ballooned, by the massive creation of Fiat, beyond it's ability to cope with. Here, in this part of the United States, prices are already jumping by, by $1 on Many retail items. NO doubt that will continue to increase,  in exponential percentages. Not such a small number of items have increased by significant percentages of that $1. This process recently became very noticeable, to many other other members in my community.

I began this post several days ago. Since then the price continued to drop, for BitCoin, Each time, i checked the prices, I acquired more BitCoin. I continued this process until the price had dropped to the $48k each range. I also acquired some Tezos and Algorand, while the market was on a down swing. Both have increased, in price significantly since then. I like to call this cost averaging, but I only apply it to down swings. During Crypto's upswings, i focus my attention to the acquisition of other assets, that are on their own down swings. Now that BitCoin is on it's price upswing, i have once again begun to build my reserves, in order to take advantage of the next downswing.

I am not telling you what to do, but this approach has helped take most of the stress away for me. I now float in a very Profitable state of involvement.

Just some food for thought. Take it for what you will!

Thank You for Your Attention, Time, and Interest!




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