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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 22 May 2019

Hello Everyone!

A lot of people take their computers for granted and use them without ever maintaining them. They simply don't think of them as machines. The fact is that computers are machines and are in many ways like the motor in your car. They require regular maintenance just like your car.

When your computer writes to your hard drive, it is spinning so fast that the information is spread out all over the hard drive. The more information that is written, on your hard drive, the harder it must work to retreive that information and the longer it will take. This causes more stress on the hard drive. To keep your computer from overstressing and to help maintain its top performance and speed, you should defragment your drive on a regular schedule. Most Operating systems come with a basic utility to do this. There are also programs available, that offer advanced options. On windows, one such program is UltraDefrag. You can download a free version from

Another maintenance issue is your browser. As you use your browser, it accumulates a history of your actions and cookies from sites that your visit on the internet. You also accumulate tracking files that accumulate all of your actions and your inforation.To maintain your security, you should clear your browsers history. In an ideal world, you should clear it after every use. There is a new browser called Brave that helps prevent tracking files and secures your browsing history. Even using Brave, I have found that my computer still accumulates some tracking files. A great utility program, I have found, is CCCleaner. When you use it, it will remove tracking files and will clean your browsers history and details. It will also clean any regestry problems you may have. Again this is a Windows utility. There is a free version that can be downloaded from

There are several more ways to maintain your computer. For now I will share one more. That is the possibility of malware. Once again for windows, there is an excellent utility program, with a free version, called Malwarebytes. It can be downloaded from

I hope this short post is helpful and leads you to think more about the maintanence of you computer. If you found it helpful or interesting please follow my blog and check out my other posts that might interest you. 

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