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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 30 Aug 2020

At the risk of overdoing it for some people, I can't but help share the great things at The Best Faucet Complex Platform I have found, to date!

IF you have been reading my previous posts, you most likely know who I am talking about. A Very Neat Feature, found on this Awesome Platform, is a definite draw card, Far above wht most other faucet opportunities provide. Cointiply offers Healthy Jackpots that can be won on the Faucet roll! When I say Healthy, I mean always reset back to the min of 100k Coins(which equals $10 of BitCoin. I have seen many Jackpots grow near to 500k Coins. I expect there are those who may even climb higher. I do know that they are often won, many times within 2 to 3 Hours, sometimes sooner! I haven't rolled a Jackpot yet, with that being said, I have come very near that winning roll. I don't remember the exact number of coin won then. I do remember it was well north of 280 coins. 

Each time I visit the site,  I like it even more. Any Balance over 35K draws 5% compounded yearly interest. It is calculated by paying on a daily basis. You earn interest credit for the balance you carried that day. The interest is paid out once every week. It becomes an addition to your Balance! That may not sound like much, at first thought, but I assure you, it is nothing to dismiss from mind! I don't remember exact numbers from then, but I do remember not having such a high balance, and still a impressionable addition to my coin account balance. 

I am into a new experiment now. I have built my balance back up to 150k coins. I have decided to temporarily halt any withdrawals. Now, I am going to let it keep continuing for an additional week, before making a withdrawal. At that point, i may well raise the min balance, that i began with. Always good to set goals. You know, it is quite difficult, sometimes, to find Legit Sources that pay such a high interest rate. Many banks are under 1/2 of a percent! 5 percent blows that away! Compounded daily, on top of that! Now WE Are Cranking in the BitCoin or Doge! It is just that I prefer the BitCoin, at this point.

You can Go Here, just for the relaxation, and thoroughly enjoy it, bu participating in offers that appeal to you! And Yes, you can make a little just by playing games. But Why Limit Yourself???

If you are getting tired of these particularly related posts, of mined. Please ignore the future ones, and just read some of the others. It would, and will be greatly appreciated!

If you would like to continue hearing the good things, about Cointiply, please read my related posts. If your are ready to shift gears(upwards) with Your Crypto Earnings, then This link definitely leads to a Great Place, to do just that! It is no magic pill, but, you can work up a very comfortable routine! Come Join Us. Please follow this link :       1_300x250.jpg    


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