300 Pi!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 14 Jul 2019

Hello Everyone! Today is the first day of the week!

I hope you are all setting your goals for the upcomming work week! I have set my goals and set into motion the plans to meet those goals!

I have not even been mining Pi for a week yet, but I have earned over 300 Pi now! I am extremely excited by this Great New Opportunity! It could very well be the next BitCoin like Opportunity! I am glad that I, and my mining team members, have joined this project in it's early stages. The Pi community is growing by leaps and bounds! When I started there were less than 75k miners, or as Pi calls us Pioneers! Now the number has grown to over 300k, and still growing fast!

Pi reduces the mining reward, by half, every time the number of miners multiply by a power of 10. Last week the number of miners, or Pioneers, reached 100k. At that point the mining reward was reduced by half. When the number of miners reach 1 million, the mining reward will be reduced by half again, and so on! Now is the time to Join and start mining, before the mining rewards are reduced again! If you would like to look at Pi's information, please follow this link : https://minepi.com/ . This is also the link you can use to download Pi's mining App, if you would like to start mining this exciting new Crypto! You can only join by invitation! If you would like to start mining Pi, you may use my invitation referral code ArmFarm after istallation of the App.

There are those who have expressed their doubt of Pi and their belief that it is a scam. If it is a scam, it is on a huge scale! I can only say, at this point, that everyting, in their opperatios appears to be legitimate. They have even created a page on Facebook and an account on Instagram, with plans to spread out onto other Social Media Platforms. There are too many areas where people can be located and prosecuted, if this were to be a scam. I do not believe that scammers would give you that type of info.

At this point, I would like to give credit to Publish0x Author ronalddays for introducing me to Pi, in his post! If it were not for his introduction, I may have not learned of this Super Opportunity until much later! Thank you ronalddays!

After you have done your research and looked through Pi's information, I suggest that your install their mining App as soon as possible! The number of miners are increasing fast and now is the opportune time to get in, before the mining rewards are halved again!

Once again, I have included a clue to solving my riddle, itroduced in an earlier post. The prize has grown to four 100% tips, on your Publish0x posts, and 45 tokens, on minds, which are valued at $1.25 each. If you think you have the correct answer, comment on my most recent post!

Thank you for your interest, time, and attention! If you find any of my posts to your liking, please follow my blog!


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