Bitcoin has now more than 430 forks
Bitcoin has now 430 forks

Bitcoin has now more than 430 forks

By Francisco Borges | MundoCrypto | 23 Sep 2020

Bitcoin has now more than 430 hardforks, hard to believe right. If you told somebody 11 years ago that bitcoin will have a all time high of 20,089$ everyone would call you a liar. But now we are at a historic moment where more and more people are discovering and learning more about crypto world and 430 is a huge mark to a bitcoin. Imagine that a single hardfork represent a unique personality, but imagine instead of one personality you have 430 personalities it would be a really mess.

Some of the most well know bitcoin's hardforks are(if you don't know what a hardfork is, i already made an article explaining what it is):

  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Bitcoin XT;
  • Bitcoin Classic;
  • Bitcoin Unlimited;
  • SegWit;
  • Bitcoin Gold;
  • Bitocin Private;
  • Bitcoin Diamond;
  • Bitcoin SV;
  • BitcoinPoS;
  • BitcoinHD;
  • Bitcoin 2;

and many many more;


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Francisco Borges
Francisco Borges

Hi, I'm Francisco Borges and I'm an ethusiastic of crypto world. I believe that the crypto is going to lead the world in the near future. (Sorry for my bad english)


This blog is used to share things in Crypto world. Hope you like :)

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