The BEST Survey Website for Making Money and Crypto!! (BONUS: $50 Referral Bonuses)

By koialyssa | Multiple Money Maker | 7 Aug 2021

I am here to tell you about FreeCash. (Previously known as FreeSkins) They are a website where you can complete surveys for cash or crypto. It is an easy $5-10 a day you can make on the side. It is one of the most popular survey sites. It is very well paying and you seem to qualify for most surveys. You can sign up here. If you join using my code you start off with 100 free coins!


I usually do the $0.80 surveys. They seem like the best time for money. Usually they don’t take any more then 20 minutes to complete. The longest survey I got was took me 20 minutes. The $0.50 and $1.00 surveys are good too but I seem to have a higher acceptance rate with the $0.80 surveys. They also have a custom offer wall of surveys with a lot lower paying surveys. I noticed most of those surveys that pay around $0.10 are then offered for the $0.80 so you end up getting paid way more on FreeCash.

FreeCash has a leader board that gives away $1,000 a day! That nearly doubles you your money or more if you earn enough to rank. They also have a promotion going on for the month of August which gives you up to $50 for your first 5 referrals!!

They let you cash out to various payment methods including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Paypal, Amazon, VISA, as well as letting you withdraw for skins in your favorite games, and several other options.

FreeCash is by far my favorite survey website. I have a few others I like but they don’t give out surveys even close to as often. Join today! 

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