Recent SONM Status Announcement Can Bring The Project Into Higher Levels

By Ravir3z | MuchoGraph | 13 Sep 2019

I know I haven't been posting in a while but I find this super interesting to share with you. This is the recent official statement from SONM team on their development. It might give them a decent push out of the top600 sphere back to top200 again. Let me know your thoughts!


Sonm development is finished, Sonm is implemented and is operational for more than a year so far. Today Sonm goes into the public domain (with the limitations of GPL) as a decentralized open-source platform. Project is open for everyone's usage and we use it ourselves.

Today Sonm features:
- A decentralized PC-sharing network, open for public usage.
- An order of hundred active machines in the network.
- The unknown number (probably tens or hundreds but we do not know this for sure) of standby machines.
- Documentation portal
-- Including all the required setup guides
-- And usage manuals
- All source code is published on the Github, where anyone is free to send a pull request, including sample applications templates:
-- Software bot for automated resource provisioning and mining job launching
-- A reference implementation of a parallel execution module for massive task execution on Sonm
- PoA sidechain
- Sidechain explorer which is a unique one of a kind solution with the source code
- Web wallet GUI hosted at Sonm website (with a tracker) and a version hosted on the Github (without a tracker) with the source code
- The platform is integrated with KYC service provider

Starting today Sonm development and adoption is a community affair, the team ceases to fulfill a leading and representative role and will focus on its projects in the nearby field.

Due to the great potential of fog computing and due to significant applied developments in this area, the former employees of the Sonm company, headed by I. Lebedev, plan to continue working as a new private independent company:

- Developing cloud render farm Rays as a private startup, raise fundings and run commerce.

- Rays will continue using Sonm because Sonm is outstanding and we know this because we implemented it and it works for us. Sonm gives you an ability to rent machines times cheaper than in the cloud, no alternative solutions are providing these advantages.

- We are considering other applied project ideas to monetize Sonm hardware, including GPU cloud and ML platform.

- We will develop Sonm platform as a public domain open source based on common rights (as part of the community) when this will align with our project interests (today this is Rays) and propose network upgrades when new versions will be out.

- We are accepting to fulfill the role of maintainers for public domain Sonm platform source code repositories:
-- review and approve pull requests
-- sometimes bring our pull requests
-- provide tech support in our chats, share knowledge
-- maintain the minimum required infrastructure and solve related technical issues.

In other words, we plan to develop our own projects on Sonm and invite everyone to join. Shall you need help - we are here to support, send us a message.

Additional facts:
- We will now start publishing non-periodic Sonm reports when we will have something to share with you.
- We have a task left, which we seek to finish - to launch the masternodes and transition the infrastructure maintenance to the community. Until then the infrastructure is on us.
- Websites and related resources, such as packet distribution services - will all continue working, this is on us too.

From what we know Sonm is being used by at least:
- Rays startup
- CraftML startup

Perhaps this example will be catching to someone and in the future we will see interesting news!

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