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By Figuredee | Mr.writer | 4 Jul 2020

I will share about a blockchain-based agnostic ecosystem where you can earn money by merely reading or publishing like what most has experienced here with steemit.

In this article, I won't beat around the bush, I will clearly go straight to the topic of discussion and am sure the question that will be in the heart of those going through this article will be what is Publish0x of which am here to define it in a simple way that will be easy to understand by all.
Publish0x is just an online ecosystem where you can publish or share content and get paid for it or take your time to read articles that you likes and get paid for taking your time to read them.
The platform is a Crypto agnostic publishing platform which means they support all contents related to Cryptocurrencies.
The platform is not the same with steemit nor any blockchain-based social platforms because they don't have their own token and they also pay contents readers unlike Steemit which only rewards readers. Publish0x is not also a social media platform, it is a purely for contents.
As I said before, the platform don't have their own token or coin and they don't intend to create. As for now Publish0x is using Bounty0x BNTY token for payment on their platform to content creators, content readers and platform ambassadors.
Another way through which you can make money on Publish0x apart from publishing and reading is by applying for ambassadorial position in the platform which you can easily apply for on the the platform website.


Publish0x is highly unique and it gives room to both publishers and readers to tip or reward each other. This is possible if a reader likes what he reads and tip the reader to motivate him to do more or a publisher tipping a reader to motivate him to read more of his works. The good thing about this tipping is that it won't be done with any of the tipper money, there is a reward pool for it with a percentage of how much tip you can give per time.


Why Publish0x Is Better Than Other Platforms:

Both publishers and readers get paid
Another notable thing about Publish0x is that you get paid for sharing the opportunity of the platform to others. All you just need to do is to share what is possible in the platform to those with interest to read cryptocurrency contents and content writers. All they need to do is to register with your affiliate link and whenever anyone that register with your link tip author, you will receive 5% of the tip.
You don't need to deposit money before you can tip others. The platform has made provisions for this by creating a reward pool where you can use some percentage of it for tipping. Another source of tipping is sponsorship.

How To Become Publish0x Ambassador:

Publish0x compensate you for sharing the opportunity of the platform with your colleagues and friends. If you have friends who have interest in crypto and an old crypto enthusiasts who loves reading or writing about Cryptocurrency and and other relevant topics, then this is a good opportunity for you to share the platform with them. Tell them about the platform and give them your own affiliate link to register on the platform for them to also enjoy all exclusive benefits of the platform.

How To Become A Publisher On Publish0x:

As a content writer in this ever growing Cryptocurrency industry, you can take the advantage of Publish0x to share your minds with others. All you just need to do is to create account for yourself here. After you are done creating the account and browsing through it, you will see an option in the dashboard for authors' application. Apply and give them time to review it which usually takes place between 24 hours.


Once you get approval, you can now start posting quality contents on the platform. All you just need to publish an article is to click on the dashboard and click on your blogs and then click on create blog now, click on write a new post and start writing. After you are done writing your article, click on save and it publish itself automatically! The level of the tipping you will get for your work will depend on how valuable and exciting the content is and this will be determined by the readers of the content.


Publish0x platform is an exceptional innovation in the industry that has been in existence since 2014 of which many has benefited tremendously from the platform. The platform continues to improve and innovate and this is evident in the ew features that has been added to the platform which includes option to tip with different tokens. The platform is also working towards having a section for promotion of bounties. Publish0x is an exceptional platform and I recommend it for my readers especially those who have enjoyed the concept of getting paid for your contents to also readers who have not experienced what it means to reading content.

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