Mr. Russo's Math Class: Daily Math Challenge Day 8

By atrusso | Mr. Russo's Math Class | 6 Jul 2020

Here is your daily math challenge. I hope you enjoy it. You're comments are welcome.

My name is Alan Russo. I'm seventy years of age. I've taught elementary math from 4th to 6th grade for some fourteen years now. I enjoy basic math. It's practical and necessary for everyone. We all like to add up our good experiences, subtract our bad ones, multiply our joy, and divide our sorrow. Math should not be a chore that we are stuck with, but a way of measuring our experiences in life and showing our progress on our life goals. It should not master us, but we should master it and use it as a tool in our life-skills toolbox. I hope you and your family will enjoy this class and recommend it to others.
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I love Jesus and His creation. His Kingdom is here now for anyone to join. Let's enjoy the positives of this life and do what we can to change the negatives.

Mr. Russo's Math Class
Mr. Russo's Math Class

My name is Alan Russo. My class is free and it's designed to help you with basic math lessons, warm-ups, and problem solving challenges. All comments are welcome.

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