Mr. Russo's Math Class: Daily Math Challenge Day 22

By atrusso | Mr. Russo's Math Class | 8 Jul 2020

Here is your daily math challenge. I hope you enjoy it. 

My name is Alan Russo. I'm seventy years of age and expect to live until at least 100. Preparing this class each day should keep my mind focused and productive. I found Math challenging as an elementary student. Math should not be as much of a challenge as it seems to be for most people. In this class we will attempt to find the basics of math and apply them to our everyday lives. Whether you're a parent working with your children or a student and you want to improve your math skills, this was designed for you. 

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Mr. Russo's Math Class
Mr. Russo's Math Class

My name is Alan Russo. My class is free and it's designed to help you with basic math lessons, warm-ups, and problem solving challenges. All comments are welcome.

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