UPGRADE(2018)-Movie Recommendation

Genre: Action,  SciFi, Thriller

Rated:  R (violence, language)16+

Written and Directed by: Leigh Whannell(Saw, Insidious)



Logan Marshall-Green(Prometheus, The Invitation)

Melanie Vallejo[Power Rangers Mystic Force ; )]

Benedict Hardie(Childhoods End, The Invisible Man, Hacksaw Ridge)


What’s it about?:

Left paralyzed after a mugging in which his wife was killed, a man gets the chance to walk again by using a computer chip implant called STEM. Of course thers more behind the Story- Find out by watching the Movie


Why Do I Recommend It?

Blumhouse Productions(Oculus, the Purge, Happy Death Day) ; ).

A Mix between Robocop and Venom, you can expect dark Humor, Violence  and some very nice fight scenes  from this movie



  • The Movie was originally titled STEM


  • There are Plans for a TV Series that is Set after the events of the Movie, lets hope it becomes reality


  • The Movie came out around the same time as Venom and there are many similarities between those two movies


  • The word "STEM" means voice in Dutch


  • This movie is set in the year 2046


  • IMDB Rating 7,5/10


  • Rotten Tomatoes ratings are 88% on the Tomatoemeter and 87% Audience Score


  • I write Recommendations-no full summary's and i try to do it as Spoiler free as i can so there will be no trailers or Pictures that show "too Much" in my posts





 Love it or hate it,its up to you

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