The Babysitter(2017)-Movie Recommendation

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Rated:  TV-MA (Violence, Language, Sexual Contend), 16+ Germany

Written by: Brian Duffield

Directed by: McG (3 Days to Kill, Terminator Salvation)



Samara Weaving (Movies: Guns Akimbo , Ready or Not, Mayhem / Series: Ash VS Evil Dead, SMILF, Hollywood)

Judah Lewis (I See You, Summer of 84, Demolition)

Bella Thorne (Infamous, I Still See You, Ride)

Robbie Amell (Movies: Code 8, ARQ, Desperados / Series: The Flash, Upload, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge)

Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect, Unleashed)

Emily Alyn Lind (Doctor Sleep, Movie 43, Hidden, Replicas)

Andrew Bachelor (The F**k-It List, Coffee and Kareem, Fifty Shades of Black)



What’s it about?:

A 12 Year old Boy whos spying on his Babysitter and her friends while they think hes asleep, finds out that they are doing way more than just the nasty Stuff that he expected .....


Why I like it:

Its a fun to watch gory retro style Horror-comedy, there are no big Surprises in this Movie and they use a lot of cliches but it was exactly what i expected and i enjoyed it, reminds me a lot  on The Guest(2014) which i also enjoyed a lot





  • A Sequel called The Babysitter: Killer Queen  will be released on 10 September 2020


  • Filmed 2015-Released 2017


  • Judah Lewis who played a 12 year old in this Movie was actually 14 in real Life, he was Born 2001


  • Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne played also together in the movie-The Duff


  • IMDB Rating 6,3/10


  • Rotten Tomatoes ratings are 72% on the Tomatoemeter and 60% Audience Score


  • I write Recommendations-no full summary's and i try to do it as Spoiler free as i can so there will be no trailers or Pictures that show "too Much" in my posts




Love it or hate it,its up to you

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