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The Story is about a Organisation that illegaly hosts  deadly Battles and streams them over the net.The competiting participants vary from Psychopaths to Innocent residents as not everbody involved is fighting voluntary.The main character Miles is forced to fight because he pissed of the People in charge, now they have Guns bolted to his Hands and he has to fight for his life against a Maniac chick that trys to hunt him down.Will he survive? and how to open doors with Guns bolted to your Hands?Find out about this Questions and more bei watching the Movie



Daniel Radcliffe, Samara Weaving, Rhys Darby


Director and Writer:

Jason Lei Howden



  • The Movies Premiere was 2019 but it was Released in 2020


  • US Rated R ,EU 18+


  • Feels like a Mix between Crank and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Wanted and Arena(2011)


  • The Movie has its own Style and is a solid Actioner with a kind of Humor that some people will dislike-I enjoyed it but im sure not everybody will like it.


  • This Movie and Horns(2013)made me Pro Radcliffe ,Samara Weaving made a lot of great Stuff(e.g.The Babysitter,Ready or not) and the Badass character suits her


  • IMDB Rating 6,3/10


  • Rotten Tomatoes ratings are 53% on the Tomatoemeter and 40% Audience Score


Love it or hate it,its up to you


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