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The Paradine Case (1947) Hitchcock's Drama with Gregory Peck (Review)

By Genaro | movies | 17 Apr 2020


The question of whether and how a married lawyer succumbs to the defendant is causing more tension in Hitchcock's film than the one-year-older spy drama Notorious. There is not always much going on in the court dramas, but it goes deep in character and here the spectator can observe minor changes in the behavior of the protagonists reacting to the defendant's manipulation. The house where the court action took place is, by the way, a beautiful antique piece. It is true that both men and women are fooled by the opposite sex, but the figure of a successful naive lawyer is quite unlikely. In court, the plot is already dragging enough.


Plot: Young, successful lawyer took a case of murder, where he defends an attractive woman, who maybe killed her husband. Despite his loving wife he starts to feel strong emotions to his client.

Thriller:  Because the court environment is tense not so intense and mood of the movie is relaxed. Here is some tense to make the spectator curious and hungry for answers.


Romance: The protagonist has to solve his relationships with his wife, who is dedicated to him and his new client, who is attracted to. What he feels is the main thing of the movie. You can see the difference between crush and love. Theme is made quite satisfied but you can see in movies more complex and complicated relationships.

Conclusion: 6/10. Pros: Gregory Peck, femme fatale, a beautiful style house and the initial tension of the plot. Cons: court drama = low tension; naive successful lawyer, which seems unrealistic. B movie, even though the master knew better.


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