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By Sykt | Mother's Love | 7 Aug 2019


• Tipestry is a new kind of social media platform that automatically adds a comment section with built-in cryptocurrency tipping to any website, allowing posters and website owners to earn Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies for creating and sharing content.


Tipestry adds a comment section to any website, enabling discussions of an endless variety of topics and letting contributors earn cryptocurrency for posting content, leaving comments, and curating posts. It also lets users tip website owners and shows popular topics in a content aggregation format on Tipestry.com.

To create or view existing comments about a website, enter the site’s URL on Tipestry.com and a page will load with a list of topics and the option to create a new topic. From this page you can also upvote or downvote the site and donate cryptocurrency to its owner once they are verified.


1. Level Up: Tipestry features a point-based leveling system that rewards users with Tipcoins and other tokens for completing tasks needed to level up. Tasks include things like receiving upvotes, gaining followers, referring other users, and sharing posts. Higher levels also increase your voting power for site governance: Tipestry features a democratic, decentralized governance model designed to avoid the problems on older social platforms where site admins and moderators can abuse their power and push agendas.

2. Post content on Tipestry to receive tips and win periodic Best Of contests. Few social sites feature any kind of tipping, and when they do it’s usually either through fiat, which means you have to link a bank or credit card and give up your privacy, or, if it’s through cryptocurrency, it’s normally only though that platform’s own obscure coin. Tipestry, on the other hand, features built-in tipping with Bitcoin, Ether, ERC-20 tokens, Dogecoin, and in the future many more coins and tokens.

3. Verify your website to start receiving tips for your site. No need to submit personal information, no need to add a donate button to your site, no need to deal with obscure tokens, and no more need for permission from payment processors, banks, or censored crowdfunding platforms. Tipestry offers a completely new way to monetize content made possible through cryptocurrency.



1. Make a Post on Tipestry about your site or content. From the post page, you can receive tips and points towards leveling, and the more votes and tips you receive, the higher the post shows up on the Tipestry.com content aggregation site. To gain further exposure, you can also share a link to the Tipestry post on Facebook, Twitter, and other legacy social platforms.

2. Add Your Project’s Token to Tipestry. If you have an ERC-20 token you would like to spread the word about or distribute to crypto enthusiasts, drop us a line about listing your token on Tipestry.

3. Place Coins at Your Physical Business: Tipestry Go lets you place coins and coupons in augmented reality at your physical location to encourage foot traffic from users of the app.

4. Micro e-lancing and bounties: create a post on Tipestry offering rewards for completing tasks such as social media activities and small freelance jobs, and pay people for doing them through tips.

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hi..i am saykot.always wanna know about crypto.

Mother's Love
Mother's Love

I am saykot.I am not a trader or not speacialist about crypto.But i am internet surfer.Every day I surf internet for learn and share knowledge.I love to learn tech related things. HAPPY LEARNING

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