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What should I do with my Aether from

By Marchioly | Mother's Basement | 1 Feb 2021

Aether stems from the greek word "aithḗr" and would roughly translate to "blue sky". That bit of information didn't help you at all, right? Okay, give me another chance! Trying my best here!

Staking on R-Planet

R-Planet allows you to stake your unused NFTs for Aether, the project's own token. Cards of the lowest rarity will give you 0.6 Aether per hour. Currently you can stake "cards" from the following franchises:

  • Tribal Books
  • Garbage Pail Kids
  • Blockchain Heroes
  • Kogs
  • Alien Worlds
  • UpliftArt
  • The Horrors

They're open for other projects to join, so this number will probably grow very soon. You'll be able to collect your Aether every 60 minutes, but you can let it accumulate over time and just visit their site every once in a while.

What can do you with this "stuff"?

{Option A}

You can exchange your Aether for WAX at Alcor Exchange. These are the current numbers:

1 Aether = 0.00039801 WAX

1 WAX = $0.03923

This means you will get $0,0000156139323 for 1 Aether. Hell yeah! "Bye Bye" student debt, "Hello" penthouse suite in New York City! Probably gonna buy one in the building where Lennon was shot - I'm sort of a history buff, you know... (Please notice: Both trading price are very volatile at the moment! And I'm actually a big Beatles fan.)

{Option B}

You'll wait. R-Planet is planing to develop their own system to craft NFTs from your Aether. Currently there is no release date, nor are there any exchange ratios known. The only thing we know are the planed crafting steps:

1. Create basic natural elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth) from your Aether

2. Combine those elements to a new primary element (who know's what that exactly means...)

3. Craft new NFTs (nobody knows, which ones will be available to craft) or obtain a reward in WAX

What's the weather like? Blue sky all the way! (I know, I know... I'm embarrassed too)

If you're looking for a small passive income (of around $0,0000156139323 per hour - every Penny counts, guys!), you should stake your Aether! I will keep mine until the crafting mechanic is established. The market price is just too darn low at the moment, trading is not worth the time. But maybe this will change in the future. If you're not planing on selling your NFTs at a marketplace, you've got nothing to loose here. Unless it turns out to be a scam, which would mean you would loose everything. But hey, when did that ever happen before? Still looking for my Syrup-refund though...

Take a look for yourself:

This is not financial advise (duh!). I'm highly in debt and am currently living in my parents basement. You should never trust a guy like that. Yeah Sharon, I know! I didn't tell you this at our first date, but you said your standards were low. So, who's to blame here? You guys are on my side, right?

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Mother's Basement

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