Mortegard: Tokenized Food Resource

Food as a tokenized resource is vital to expanding your kingdom in Mortegard: In this article we'll dive into food, its uses and what produces it.

Mortegard is a fantasy world simulator, with a kingdom building client live now and ready to play! Players own castles and the land they govern and develop a kingdom to produce tokenized resources. These resources can then be invested back into their empires or sent to world-shaping events to drive the story and evolve the world of Mortegard.

Food comes into play as one of 5 tokenized resources and is used in the creation of development tiles. More specifically, Mineral Veins, Hamlets, Taverns, Irondrake Rookeries, Lumber Mills, Orchards, Lamenting Caverns, Mineshafts, Villages, Mining Encampments and Temples require food for construction.


In new kingdoms, apart from the base generation of your castle, food will be primarily produced by Hunting Grounds - which cost 5 gold and 10 wood. The limiting factor with Hunting Grounds is that they only produce one food, however, players can boost this by pursuing one of the development upgrade paths.


Farmlands have the highest food output at the time of this article: Boasting a whopping 2.5 food per cycle, Farmlands are capable of producing 7.5 food per day. Players will need to craft and upgrade a Hunting Ground tile in order to develop their Farmlands.


Another upgrade from the Hunting Ground, the Tavern offers the same food output. However, the added bonus of the Tavern is a 'tax on the thirsty,’ which provides gold production as well. 


The Irondrake Rookery leads us into the more fantastical elements of Mortegard: Housing a group of dragon-like beasts known as irondrakes, brave souls venture into the caves when the dangerous drakes are sleeping or out hunting to pick up fragments of shell or scales to be processed for their iron content. This is another upgrade from the Hunting Ground tile.


Orchards are an improvement to the basic Woodland tile. Less valuable trees have been cleared and only the fruit and nut producing ones remain, replanted and tended to in a humble orchard. Trimming and excess trees are cleared to maintain the Orchard, adding wood production to the development. 


A Monastery is not only a religious icon in Mortegard, worshiping all members of the heavens equally, but also serves as a place of work for apostles. As a means of supporting themselves, food is actively grown here, however any excess production is given to the kingdom as a form of tax, to be redistributed to the people, or offered as a means of payment for protection by their overseeing ruler.


More developments and upgrade paths are in the works for future updates of Mortegard allowing for even greater outputs and efficiencies of kingdoms.

These are just a handful of the developments planned for Mortegard, but all are able to be crafted right now(as ERC-1155s) in the kingdom building client. Send your excess food to events, hoard it for a dark winter, or trade it in the UniSwap LP for other resources or MATIC.

Mortegard is ready to play now! Check our quick start guide to get an understanding of what you need to play, or visit our website for more in-depth information on the game as well as the Mortegard universe. 

Join our Discord to interact with the Dev Team and participate in community events, or check Telegram and Twitter for regular updates!


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Mortegard - Kingdom Building Game
Mortegard - Kingdom Building Game

Play-to-Earn Kingdom Simulator. Harvest tokenized resources, build your empire and rule your way.


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