The Light of the World

By Blangs | Morning Thoughts | 30 Aug 2020

Sing His name to the world!  For the world needs the sweetness of His mercy and love!

The more commotion and unrest I invite into my life, the less time I allow to be still in the Lord.  The more I wrestle with the anxiety filled moments of the unknown future or get trapped in the depressing memories of regret, the more I know that existing here and now is the most important.

The Lord will push my mind to wander.  I find old memories of painful situations flashing into my mind.  Pummeling my ego with self doubt and confusion.  I feel old rage rising up to take over my perspective.  And through all this, God says:  You Brandon, you are why you are so upset.  You curse those that would do you harm, but will they not always?  Is that not like cursing the sun for melting the ice in your drink?  Or the cold for diminishing the warmth of your meal?

Some things in life are.  They are, so that we might be.  In a vanilla world, where the cookie cutter of life removes individuality and choice, there is no need for pain and suffering.  But it also removes the need for joy and hope.

Seek out the light of the world.  It is easy to hide your head in fear and embarrassment.  It is harder to stand up and ask forgiveness.

Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst? 1 Corinthians 3:16 NIV

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Morning Thoughts
Morning Thoughts

Each morning I give thanks for something in my heart. And each morning I find a message of hope.

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