He is waiting for us!

By Blangs | Morning Thoughts | 19 Aug 2020

Rejoice and sing His praises!  All things are turned to good through Him!  

Ever thought you had it all figured out?  Ever had that feeling like you were on top of the world and absolutely nothing could go wrong?  Ever felt like you were right, and you just had to say something?  

We were all created in the image of God.  And when I experience these fleeting moments of hubris, I smile.  Surely there have been many times in my life where God simply showed me that He was the expert.  That I truly knew nothing.  And it is in my own stubbornness that I seemingly miss these messages from God.  

Being so focused on my own efforts and accomplishments, I find myself blinded to the truth:  I am a servant of the Lord.  His will is done through me.  Not the other way around.  We are of this world.  Created by God.  And I have the audacity to take credit for any of it?  I think perhaps I forget what divine "inspiration" is.  

As a choice, I say choose love.  It can be the hardest path to choose.  Those who need our love the most often are the ones it's hardest to show it to unconditionally.  The Lord never withholds His love.

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Morning Thoughts
Morning Thoughts

Each morning I give thanks for something in my heart. And each morning I find a message of hope.

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