Security on the road

Security at work is important

By Capricorne888 | More for you | 28 Feb 2022

Lately after learning how to drive a semi truck at school I end up having to find a company to work for, for at least two weeks.

At school we learned how to make sure the truck is safe and how to drive it safely.

Sadly, many companies out there neglect security while driving.

The main problem I had on my first job (while having someone with me) is that I’v been told to skip pre trip (security check for the truck before leaving).

This is an important thing to do, to avoid having problems while driving and avoid having stuff breaking out, that risk to injure other people on the road. Even tho I was starting my round trip, the person told me "nah don’t do it, the truck was ok yesterday so it will be ok today).

The day before we were carrying heavy loads that coule have damaged the truck but still they asked me to skip it and sign that I actually did the pre trip when I haven’t.

This end up being my signature on that paper. If anything would have happened I would be the one responsible for injuring someone on the road.

The next day I decided to quit and find another place (with better work ethics).

security while driving heavy semi truck is important in my opinion and no one should neglect that aspect of the job.

That’s why ill be starting a new job pretty soon.

Hopefully ill be able to work safely and not having to stress about maybe having a major issue with the truck that I haven’t checked.

Never neglect security for your own safety and others on the road.

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