My attitude will be based on how you treat me.

ATTITUDE: The Key To Success!

By Morain | Morain | 29 Aug 2020


Bad Attitude


Attitude is everything! You can tell who someone is by his behaviors and attitudes. As far as we know there is a branch of the FBI that deals with behavioral analysis, the behavioral analysis unit (BAU) or maybe it exists only in the movies.

The formation of an adults attitude depends on a lots of factor's in the persons life not excluding upbringing, religious and social affiliations, experiences and mental disposition. This criteria has often been used with successes by security agencies.

The manifestations of a person's attitude usually occurs in social formations, school, churches and place of work. To a considerable extent it determines the efficacy of your social status, Perception and acceptance. Either in public or in private a person's attitudes leaves a cold trail! Visible if studied!

Lots of successful entrepreneurs, realtors, negotiators and business men will tell you it's all in the attitude. Attitude is everything! It could get you out of your job or get promoted. It could get you in jail or in the white house! It determines to a large extent your success in life!


Behavioral Check


Most people who display abnormal or extreme, subtle or hidden questionable characters often are less concious of the after effects and the public's observance. It often comes as a later regret in their life, when you hear stories like 'my bad Attitude got me out of the force' 'my behavior made him walk out on our relationship.'

It is important we develop and maintain a good and moderate attitude! Poise and the ability to control anger are the strong attributes of leaders. Cultivate emotional intelligence and control. Develop your principles and make a concious effort to practice it in every facets of your life. Overtime it determines your personality!

There is a grave need for everyone to develope the right attitude! Millions of lives has been lost, wars have been fought for the sole reason that someone with a bad Attitude got into Powe! It is an important part of life that we should be extremely mindful about!


Have a blessed day!



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