Tronex VIP

Warning Tronex VIP contract has been fully drained, not by backdoor or anything like that but by whales...
It looks like every new iteration of tronex has performed worse than the previous.. Do not invest in this one.. It barely lasted 5 days before being drained by whales and possibly the creators thru the contract's legal means...
It's time Tronex change their slogan to, we will slash your funds in half and feed it to ourselves...
Looks like this will be a clear sign to steer clear from any future projects created by Tronex and audited by Grox solutions... (I suspect Grox solutions are also behind creating Tronex)

Tronex VIP


Latest ROI smart contract just launched on 12.01.2021

This is an TRX ROI based platform, there is no other token involved apart from the TRX you used to deposit in the contract to give you back your funds.
So the way it works is that by depositing a minimum of 100 TRX you will be getting up to 200 percent of your funds back as long as the contract has funds within it. ROI based platforms are essentially Ponzi schemes so fair warning, please read the whole article and do your own research before investing. I am not a financial advisor, I am merely showing you a new Dapp in town.

The contract gets funds by people depositing into it, so as long as there are more and more people depositing into it you will get in return your TRX invested plus another 100 percent of profit. 
Of course if the contract starts to bleed (more funds exiting than entering) then the game is over and those that joined late will be losing out.
Therefore if you see this post a week from now or more... please keep in mind and check the contract balance before participating...
If you notice the contract balance is rising up still, your chances to ROI and profit are great. If you see the contract plateau or decreasing, then better not to enter because you are already too late and might not get the TRX you invested back.

Ok now that's out of the way, let me walk you through the user interface.

This is the website with my ref link

This is the smart contact
It is open source so you can actually check out what is written in the contract if you are a coder.

If you do not know how to read code, this is a peer audit done by the Defi Audit team.

This is the audit from Grox Solutions.

As you can see there is no scam codes within the contract to pull out liquidity or anything like that.

(The following will be about how to protect you from scam, I am in no way saying that this owner/developer will scam out on you, because this is the third project he has launched and so far he has not exit scam)

Please take note that even if the smart contract is free of scam codes, the owner could still change the website user interface (UI) to actually withdraw all your wallet funds when you click the withdraw button on the UI. Therefore to be safe, always keep your extra funds in a storage wallet and only leave enough TRX for completing a transaction (10 - 20 TRX). Also always read the pop up before signing the action to make sure you are doing the correct action.
Please refer the image below to get what I mean.


As you can see the smart contract is triggered after I clicked the withdraw button on the UI. Please read the function you are signing off first before doing so, this is to verify that you are indeed interacting with the correct smart contract and the function is correct. (Protip: bookmark the smart contract address for your reference, or if you have a good memory, remember the address so that you know you are interacting with the correct contract and not a scam contract deployed by the owner on the website UI.)

Ok, moving on to the website.

8ed797ed4b5c151df038af3cae78ae2746c60a603e9a301ed93143c1908986ba.jpegIt has a slick design, very professionally made website front end. 
To invest just ensure your Tronlink wallet (or whatever TRC20 compatible wallet) is connected to the website and has TRX in it.
You can invest a minimum of 100 TRX, please ensure you have at least extra 10 - 20 TRX to burn for the smart contract transaction.
Then click the make investment now button, this will pop up.


Key in the amount you want to invest, and click make deposit.
That will bring up the smart contract trigger.


Make sure the contract address is correct, and the function is invest (address), then click the accept button and voila, you have invested in the contract and can withdraw from the contract your accrued profits whenever you want.

Let's discuss about the features in this platform.


Tronex VIP contract has a basic interest rate: +5% every 24 hours (+0.2083% hourly). (This is static)
There is also a Personal hold bonus: +0.2% for every 12 hours without withdraw. This is capped at +15%. 
There is also a contract bonus of +0.05% for every 250 000 TRX on platform address balance.  This is capped at +15%. (meaning to get the maximum bonus the contract must have at least 75million TRX within it)
There is a VIP bonus: +0.1% for every 5 000 TRX you deposit. This is capped at +15%. (Meaning to get the full 15 percent you have to deposit at least 750000 TRX)



- Withdraw function looks clean.
- Maximum ROI is 200 % included an initial deposit.
- There are no daily deposit or withdrawal limits.
- Owner takes  10% fees (5% for balance commission and 5% marketing commission).



There are 5-levels of referral commission: 5% - 2% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.5%.
There is also an automatic refback system in place, whereby I can share my affiliate earnings with my direct downline. I am going to set mine at 50%. This means you will share half my affiliate earnings. This will ensure you a faster chance to ROI and Profit.

My Game plan
There is nothing much to this, mainly just participate, invite people and withdraw your TRX.
I plan to withhold withdrawals until I notice the contract starts to decrease. This will ensure that I have the best percentage to accrue the most interest. 
Remember, as long as there is funds within the contract. You are still paid... Make sure to monitor the contract balance properly.

Just in case you didn't notice earlier.

This is the website with my ref link


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