Defi made easy via CakeDefi

DeFi made easy via CakeDefi

CakeDefi is powered by DeFiChain (DFI).

DeFiChain is a decentralized blockchain platform dedicated to enable fast, intelligent, and transparent decentralized financial services.
DeFiChain is built on bitcoin as a software fork, it is anchored to the bitcoin blockchain via merkle root every few minutes for maximum security

DeFiChain is designed to be non-Turing complete to reduce smart contract errors (extremely important for finance transactions) and its op codes only allows it to run decentralized finance dapps.
This ensures that only financial transactions are possible, instead of having games and casinos clogging the ecosystem and causing high transaction fees.

Upcoming features of the DeFiChain include Decentralized:
Lending, Wrapping of Tokens, Pricing Oracles, Exchanges, Transferable Debts and Receivables, Non-Collateralized Debt, Asset Tokenization, Distribution of Dividends, and YIELD FARMING!

To understand more about CakeDefi please view this brief YouTube video.

CakeDefi offers the following services:

1. Buy BTC/ETH with fiat (Euro/Dollar)
2. Liquidity mining
3. Lapis service
4. Staking service
Buying BTC and ETH with Fiat is an option that is self explanatory and quite easy to use in CakeDeFi.
Simply click the Buy BTC button on the front page and you will be redirected to a pop up that will allow you to do so.
Purchase could be done with Visa/Mastercard credit cards.


Liquidity mining on CakeDeFi allows you to provide BTC,ETH or USDT paired with DFI to generate yield in the form of DFI tokens.

c7ad5352492a1c0bc705a3a1fd7e9073658a3c093bb45506464e4e5a784b48ad.pngYou can refer to the picture above to see the APYs generated from each pool.
A word of caution, beware of impermanent loss, therefore be careful and practise risk management well if you decide to provide liquidity.


Staking allows you to participate in masternode pools to earn staking rewards.
You are essentially delegating your tokens to a pool provider which will help you manage the funds and share with you their profits.


These are the tokens available for Staking...



Lapis service allows cash flow on your Bitcoins, Ether and Tether to generate you additional income which are fully guaranteed and risk-free, with possible bonuses. (Bonuses = additional returns to the guaranteed returns).
Every week CakeDeFi offers BTC, ETH and USDT lapis, each Lapis batch runs for 28 days, starting and ending on Friday,
Once you choose to participate your funds are locked into the contract for the entire 4 weeks.
After the 4 week period of the batch, you have the option to automatically enter the next batch for automatic compunding of interest or you may withdraw your returns or returns + principal back into your account.
Lapis does not charge fees to users. Cake receives commissions from affiliates.

Refer to the picture for APYs


At this moment CakeDeFi is offering a referral programme, register with this link

Do the KYC (identity verification) and deposit a minimum of 50 USDT funds to receive 20 dollars worth of DFI. If you register with my link above, you will receive an additional 10 USD.

Have fun with DeFi made easy.

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